Are Botox Injections Bad for Your Long-term Health?

Find out if Botox injections could harm your health in the long run, or if that's just a myth.

Botox is a drug injected into the human body to loosen wrinkles or remove them. It is one of the most popular means of cosmetic makeover in the country. People frequently mention it in movies, rap songs, and books.

woman taking botox injection

You might have heard some of the jokes people make about or the lavish praise others have for it. However, Botox injections may have serious consequences for your health in the long-term.

It is something that you should consider learning about beyond what you hear in normal conversation around you. For example, the technical term for it is botulinum toxin type A. Here are some of its potential effects.

It may cause paralysis or muscle weakening.

One of the functions of Botox is to minimize muscle activity in a particular area near your skin so that this activity does not lead to wrinkles.

Unfortunately, the function may persist beyond its intended function. Other parts of the targeted muscle may weaken and paralysis may spread to other tissues near that muscle.

It may cause persistent eye irritation if applied close to your eyes.

Your eyes are perhaps one of the most sensitive organs in your body. The application of any substance around them is sure to cause temporary irritation.

However, Botox lasts for a long time as per its intended use, which means that it can cause eye irritation for as long as it's there. Your eyes can become watery and itchy because of it.

In serious cases, you can develop blurred vision or eye swelling.

What else?

Other common long-term effects of Botox injection include:

  • chronic pain at the injection site
  • allergic reactions including breathing difficulties
  • headaches

The severity of these effects differs from person to person and some people may not exhibit any of them.

Botox is an FDA-approved drug, so it wouldn't be on the market if these effects were the norm among people who choose to use it.

You can avoid these problems associated with Botox injections.

The best way of preventing these issues is by seeking the services of a highly qualified practitioner in this field. He should understand the anatomy of the target area, start with low dosages, and then adjust to the desired level gradually.

You should also tell your surgeon about any health issues you might have including allergies. Finally, you should always follow the practitioner’s advice and instruction before and after the injections.

You do not want to be like some celebrities with botched Botox surgeries.

Melanie Griffith is an example of a well-known personality whose Botox injection did not go so well. Though she didn't suffer from severe symptoms, she did not look better after the surgery. The surgeon overfilled her lips making them look proportionally bigger, as compared to the size of her facial features.

You should avoid a botched injection at all costs. Hire a qualified practitioner.